Latest QR Code On WWE Raw Teases Extreme Rules Conclusion

Latest QR Code On WWE Raw Teases Extreme Rules Conclusion

It appears WWE’s ongoing White Rabbit teases could come to a head at Saturday’s Extreme Rules premium live event in Philadelphia.

The latest QR code – which dropped during the 10/3 “WWE Raw” – directs fans to a painting of Samson and Delilah from the Bible, a hidden message in the middle, and a magic eye painting at the bottom. There’s also a binary code embedded in the URL.

If you hover over the painting of Samson and Deliah, there’s a half of a WWE URL (751720w) which also happens to be the longitudinal coordinates to the Wells Fargo Center, the location of Extreme Rules. The other half of the URL can be found on the other end of the painting (only accessible via the mobile site).

This new URL leads to another painting of Samson and Delilah with Samson destroying the stone pillars at the Philistine Temple. Below the painting is the following number – 6901209258022.

The aforementioned number, when Googled, links to a photo of a Japanese milk brand called White Rabbit.

As for the magic eye painting in the original image, the code translates to MTA4MjI. When decoded, it reads 10822, the date of Extreme Rules.

As for the embedded URL in the original image, when translated, the code spells out “GACY.” This could be a reference to “NXT” star Joe Gacy, who has been previously compared to Bray Wyatt. Fans believe this clue is just a red herring, similar to one of the codes referencing Malakai Black last week.

That’s not all. The hidden message in the original linkwritten in the Yautja language used in “The Predator” movie franchise, translates to the following words: “Before me things created were none, save things. Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandonment, ye who enter here.”

To break things down, the final bit of the above quote was once used by Bray Wyatt during a Firefly Funhouse segment. Also, Wyatt had tweeted a painting of Samson and Delilah the night after Alexa Bliss betrayed him at WrestleMania 36. In other words, all signs do point to Wyatt’s return to WWE!

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