Project Wolf Hunting Review – IGN

Project Wolf Hunting Review - IGN

Project Wolf Hunting was reviewed out of Beyond Fest, and will hit North American theaters on Oct. 7, 2022.

Project Wolf Hunting is like 20 insane midnight movies crammed into one blood-slathered package, and each one rules. Kim Hong-seon writes and directs one of the bloodiest action shows since Tokyo Gore Police or Rambo, defying human biology in ways that’d be too indulgent even for the thirstiest vampires. Once the first kill pops in this action-horror frenzy, the fun don’t stop. The official website for Beyond Fest (where Project Wolf Hunting was screened for this review) beats me to the punch by dubbing it “Con Air meets Under Siege meets Resident Evil meets Universal Soldiers,” but let’s try my own. Project Wolf Hunting is Con Air meets Predator meets Nemesis from Resident Evil meets Overlord meets Tokyo Gore Police meets [REC] 4: Revelation.

There, that’s the Donato formula.

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