AEW cancels planned Andrade match after recent drama (UPDATED)

AEW cancels planned Andrade match after recent drama (UPDATED)

Even before he was booked in a match with his AEW career on the line, it seemed like Andrade El Ídolo was angling for a way out of the company.

He may have found it with the trouble he & Sammy Guevara stirred up this week. Tony Khan tweeted a short time ago that the Mask vs. Career match Andrade was scheduled to take part in with Pres10 Vance on Fri., Oct. 7’s live rampage is off. Instead, Vance and his Dark Order mates will honor Mr. Brodie Lee by challenging Death Triangle for the Trios belts.

While this could mean Andrade’s AEW career is drawing to a close without an on-screen angle, Tony Khan was just promoting it in interviews. More Guevara is still wrestling on Dynamite tonight (as of this writing, anyway), and Khan did just sign his friend RUSH to a contract.

Another possibility is TK could be course correcting after receiving criticism for booking a high stakes match with very little build — including from Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, someone whose opinion TK has always valued:

Definitely more to come on this one, Cagesiders.

UPDATE: Andrade tweeted this, which certainly seems relevant…

UPDATE II: The match cancellation seems to have come after AEW’s latest backstage fight. More here.

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