‘I’m Pretty Open-Minded About What I Put in My Mouth’

'I'm Pretty Open-Minded About What I Put in My Mouth'

Kanye West via Instagram

Fox News host Tucker-Carlson visited Kanye West’s office, where he tasted drinks and tried on a pair of 3D-printed boots ahead of an interview with the rapper on his show Thursday.

West posted a video to his Instagram page just after 4:30 ET wherein Carlson discussed a number of caffeinated drinks with an unidentified man. West appeared to be filming their interaction, which occurred in the Los Angeles area.

After the man discussed the ingredients in one drink, he asked Carlson, “Wanna give it a try?”

“I will try that,” Carlson said lightheartedly. “I’m pretty open-minded about what I put in my mouth.”

Later in the video, someone affiliated with West showed off a pair of 3D-printed boots, which Carlson was particularly taken aback by – or he was just being polite.

After Carlson marveled at the durability of a boot, he commented, “That’s so cool.”

West showed off a pair he was wearing from behind the camera.

Shortly after the video was posted, Carlson announced on Twitter West would join him for an interview.

It is not clear what the pair intend to discuss. West generated headlines Monday when he wore a shirt at the Paris Fashion Week that said “WHITE LIVES MATTER.”

He posed for a photo with controversial pundit Candace Owenswho wore a similar shirt.

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