[VIDEO] She-Hulk’s Daredevil Episode: Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock Return

She-Hulk Daredevil Fight Video

Charlie Cox makes his much anticipated return to MCU as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in this week’s she hulk — and he’s welcomed back with triggered green fists.

In this first look at Thursday’s episode, Tatiana Maslany’s titular superhero interrupts Daredevil’s pursuit of Eugene aka Leap-Frog (Brandon Stanley), atop a parking structure.

“You need to back off,” Daredevil seethes. “You’re making a mistake.”

“You made a mistake when you messed with my client,” She-Hulk shoots back, before adding with a mischievous chuckle, “because now I’m gonna whoop your ass.”

Watch a sneak peek here, courtesy of EntertainmentTonight:

Daredevil’s return was first foreshadowed in Episode 5, when we saw his new cowl being prepped for delivery by fashion designer-to-the-superheroes Luke (played by flight attendant‘s Griffin Matthews). Anu Valia, the director of that installment, previously admitted to TVLine that she was “surprised” when she first read the script and saw that she’d get to deliver the first Daredevil tease.

“When I saw that in the script, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is a batch of responsibility!’” she recalled. “But it was very fun.”

Valia also said that, “Yeah,” like many Marvel fans upon seeing recent trailers, she was a bit taken back to see the show going with the yellow-and-red get-up for Daredevil.

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