‘Saturday Night Live’ Calls Out Herschel Walker, Elon Musk And “Influencers” With Cold Open Centered On Things That Make Us Snap – Deadline

'Saturday Night Live' Calls Out Herschel Walker, Elon Musk And “Influencers” With Cold Open Centered On Things That Make Us Snap – Deadline

Saturday Night Live opened tonight with a Bowen Yang-hosted game show, So You Think You Won’t Snapas contestants were challenged to not go out of their minds in rage as they are reminded of some of the week’s most unnerving news headlines.

Yang, as host Morgan Freegirl, challenged the contestants to not snap, as they were each presented with tempting targets to let out their rage as he presented them with the most irritating information.

One contestant was challenged not to strike a flight attendant, first as she is told that Herschel Walker supports a total abortion ban but “allegedly paid for one and then lied about it.”

“Well, that will come back and bite him in the butt,” the contestant replied.

The host then informed her, “That actually led to his best fundraising day ever.”

She stayed calm. “Well, that’s hard to compute. but I don’t like politics. Can we talk about something fun instead?”

The host replied, “Sure, you’re a mom. Did you know that 86% of kids today say that when they grow up, their dream job is influence.”

“OK, that sounds dumb. But my kids are into video games.”

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Then the host tempted her rage even further: the trailer for the new Super Mario Bros. movie starring Chris Pratt.

That was too much, as the contestant took out her rage on the flight attendant. “He was supposed to be Italian! That was like his whole thing!”

The opener was a more creative way to delve into the week’s most notorious headlines than a more straightforward spoof of Walker or Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

The next contestant was tempted with table of glassware and other breakable items, or “things you can sweep on the ground if you snap,” as the host put it.

“Nothing can ruin my day to day,” the contestant said.

“Of course, let’s play.” Then, his challenge: “This week, Elon Musk.”

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Just the mention of Musk name’s proved too much, as the contestant quickly swept away the table.

SNL also mocked President Joe Biden, as another contestant was tempted with a clip of his 60 Minutes interview when he is asked by Scott Pelley, “How would you say your mental focus is?” “Which focused?” Biden answered, before stumbling on his words. “That’s a snap,” the host said, as the contestant chugged a large glass of wine.

The skit also skewered Kanye West, noting his interview with Tucker Carlson and finishing with a photo of the rapper in a White Lives Matter shirt that he wore to Paris fashion week. That was enough. This time the contestant took his rage out on himself, pressing a hot iron on his face.

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