That ’90s Show Star Mila Kunis Had Hilarious Reaction to Getting Booed on Jimmy Kimmel

That '90s Show Star Mila Kunis Had Hilarious Reaction to Getting Booed on Jimmy Kimmel

Mila Kunis will soon be reprising her role as That ’70s Show‘s Jackie Burkhart in Netflix’s upcoming That ’90s Show, but first, she’s promoting her new movie, Luckiest Girl Alive. This week, Kunis paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the episode was being filmed in Brooklyn, New York instead of its usual spot in Los Angeles, California. Kunis, who moved to LA from Ukraine when she was 7 years old, had a little trouble winning over the New York crowd this week. The star was booed multiple times during her appearance on the late-night show (via Buzzfeed), but she handled it like a pro.

During the interview, Kunis revealed she was forced to cut children’s leggings into underwear because she forgot hers, which prompted Kimmel to say, “You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not a New Yorker.” That’s when someone in the audience booed. “No, I’m not a – What?! Who booed?” Kunis replied back. “What’s wrong with your audience? Very New York of you. Very New York.” She then revealed that when she moved to the United States, she had her first burger and Coke in New York, but she did not try the famous pizza. She got booed again, adding. “Boy, this audience is something God, it’s fun.”

Kunis then shared that her father delivered pizzas in Los Angeles when she was younger, and she dared to add, “LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!” Of course, this prompted more boos from the crowd. “You know what?! I’m wearing children’s underwear for you,” Mila joked. Things took an even crazier turn when Kunis revealed she doesn’t actually like pizza, but in the end, she won over the crowd and has been praised online for handling the boos like a champ. You can watch the interview below:

Are Jackie and Kelso Together in That ’90s Show?

after That ’70s Show ended with Jackie being with Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), fans were pretty upset with the outcome. Many hoped she would end up with Hyde (Danny Masterson), but no one expects them to fix that mistake in the new series considering the allegations made against Masterson are the reason he’s the only original cast member not appearing in the show. However, Kunis did confirm that Jackie and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) ended up getting married. The couple was on and off again throughout the entirety of That ’70s Show, but even though Kunis and Kutcher are married in real life, she doesn’t think Jackie and Kelso should have ended up together.

“My husband and I are together in it, which is weird because we shouldn’t have been,” Kunis told Access Hollywood (via A.V. Club). “I called BS. I was like, ‘My character would be with Fez.’ I think that I ended up with Wilmer’s [Valderrama] character. And I was like, ‘Why are you and I together?’ And also, he was married when ’70s ended to Shannon Elizabeth’s character, I think. And now we’re like, 20 years, no 16 years later, whatever it is, and now [Kelso and I] are married with a kid, and I was like, ‘I don’t know about this one.'”

She added, “It made me so uncomfortable. It’s like, acting’s bullshit, right? Like, at the end of the day, it’s all about f*cking bullshit. And so, I would look at my husband while we were doing a scene or rehearsing, and I would be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s what you look like when you act.'” Kunis adds, “And then, you know, I don’t know, to be married, but be at the place where we put, and it looks the same was trippy. … We walked on set, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is weird.'”

That ’90s Show does not yet have a release date.


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