Amouranth Returns To Twitch, Says ‘I’m Happy That I’m Free’

Amouranth Returns To Twitch, Says 'I'm Happy That I'm Free'


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Streamer and content creator Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, has recorded her first video since she first revealed on Sunday that she was in an abusive relationship with her husband. The video was to update fans on what has been happening, adding that she’s “happy that I’m free.

Content warning: abuse

“I want to talk to you guys about the situation,” Syragusa begins, addressing the events of Sunday night in which she broadcast abusive phone calls and messages left by her husband. “Thank you everyone who has been super kind and supportive lately. Over the past few days I’ve had lots of people reach out to show concern, that means a lot.

Explaining why she hasn’t been online since, due to “everything going on, she says:

As for the husband situation, as some of you probably saw the other night he called me during a stream and I disappeared for like two hours. Then I finally unmuted about an hour and a half into the call, and I apologize if that was hard to watch for people, I didn’t really know what else to do…

She says, “That was actually the first time he’s ever heard himself on a recording, adding he had been recorded during other abusive calls, but had never agreed to previous attempts to have him listen to himself.

“I think when he heard himself on that call it really sunk in how much of an asshole he really is…[laughs]…it’s like, you never even realized, idiot?”

Amouranth says her husband is away “getting help, and that, “As of today I have access to all my accounts and finances again, while she is also “seeking legal and emotional counsel.

Repeatedly appreciative throughout the video of the love and support she has received since Sunday evening (including offers of legal support), she says, “I didn’t think that many people would give a shit, to be honest, it’s kind of crazy.” Amouranth then adds, “even haters are like ‘damn, I fuckin’ hate Amouranth, but you know what, I hope she’s OK, that’s so nice.”

Syragusa also takes time to address the actions of “her cameraman, who she says is now her “to train cameraman, explaining:

somepeople, though, seem to be using the situation for personal gain and clout, which is less moving [than the messages of support]. Unfortunately my former cameraman seems to be one of those people.

Amouranth says that over the TwitchCon weekend (October 7-9) he “made the situation more explosive than it needed to be,” in an attempt to “create a scenee, and that his actions inflamed tensions between Amouranth and her husband that helped lead to the events of Sunday evening. She also accuses him of encouraging “people to show up at my door who I don’t know, like what the fuck.

In detailing the strained relationship between herself and her husband, Amouranth says that the abuse had been taking place for years, but would come and go in cycles, and that previous attempts to explain her situation to the police had been unsuccessful because they wouldn’t do anything unless she had been physically harmed.

Later in the hour-long stream, while reading some viewer comments aloud, one fan says, “I thought you were a girlboss, to which she replies, “No, I was a girl employee, now I can be a girl boss. She also says there have been many times in her career at events and streams where, “I just wanted to go home and play Pokemon, but had continued streaming because she “was afraid of confrontation” with her husband.

Syragusa also comments that she’s now looking forward to actually being able to “have friends again, get some sleep, watch TV and be able to “wear some clothes. The stream ends with Amouranth saying it’s time for a “new chapter” in her career, though she’s going to first “take some time to process things, spend some time with my animals, feel like a human again.

The full video is below, though note it doesn’t start until around 33 minutes in (and again, a content warning for mentions of abuse):


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