NYT Crossword Answers: Pulitzer-Winning Columnist Peggy

NYT Crossword Answers: Pulitzer-Winning Columnist Peggy

The nontraditional Swifties are just as funny and involve adverb puns. The difference is that neither is only an adverb that ends in “ly.” First, at 17A, is the clue “’You cooked this? It’s *disgusting*!’ said Tom ___.” Unlike in the previous two entries, the adverb describing how Tom gave this rather unkind assessment lacks an “ly” suffix altogether. Instead, Tom’s insult is IN VERY POOR TASTE.

Finally, Tom, who was apparently present for the first-ever Christmas, complains to the three Magi about their gifts: “’You guys are supposed to be ‘Wise Men’ and *these* are the gifts you bring a newborn?!’ asked Tom, ___.” In this case, there is an “ly” suffix, but it’s combined with another word to create the hilarious FRANKLY INCENSED, which I would be as well if someone were to give an infant frankincense as a gift. I mean, really, what is he going to do with that?

Although Swifty puzzles are nothing new, Mr. Smith’s take contains a creative and clever set of new puns. “Hooray for this puzzle!” said Rachel, cheerfully.

Inspiration is often born of scarcity, and such is certainly true here — the scarcity in question being that of PlayStation 5 consoles on store shelves, which led me to the tongue-in-cheek INCONSOLABLY answer (we gamers can be a temperamental lot). That clue has aged remarkably well in the year or so since I submitted this, though I understand availability is finally improving (just in time for the new “God of War” — woo!).

I built out the grid around that centerpiece, thinking it would be fun to give a lively glow-up to the tried-and-true Swifty formula. I hope the answers elicit ample chuckles, or at least groans.

Personally, I continue to enjoy gaming, moviegoing, creative writing — screenwriting in particular — and, of course, crossword construction. My best friend recently helped me launch my own crossword blog, which gave me a rewarding outlet for some of my more idiosyncratic creations.

I hope to be back here with more puzzles soon, said Ryan enigmatically. Thanks for solving!

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