The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 19, 2022


If anything is going to stand in our way today, it’s the dual action influence of Moon square Uranus and Moon opposite Saturn.

When Uranus and Saturn ‘get together’ we can only hope to get by without wits still intact. These transits bring us constant irritation and unbearable oppression.

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The more we are held back, the more we will want to press on. October 19, 2022, holds the potential of going nowhere because today’s challenges threaten our progress. Today holds the possibility of suffocating frustration, but the good news is that no matter how rough your horoscope may be, you do have free will and can choose to turn a conflict into a blessing.

Yes, it may not be the best day for certain zodiac signs, and definitely, there may have been worse before for other zodiac signs.

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If you are someone who has recently gotten yourself into a creative project and is just dying to complete it forget it. It’s not happening today. If you had big plans for something that you just know was going to bring you success, forget it.

With the Moon opposed to Saturn in town, there’s only one boss, and Uranus isn’t it.


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