See The Best Key & Peele Character Return To Torment Paramount

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Mr. Garvey from Key & Peele is back in a new ad to mispronounce the names of all Paramount characters.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Key & Peele‘s iconic perpetual curmudgeon Mr. Garvey, best known for mispronouncing a host of names while taking no-nonsense from inner-city youths, is back to wreak havoc upon a who’s who of Paramount-owned characters. Paramount+ aired this hilarious advertisement during Thursday’s Thanksgiving NFL telecast which features Keagan-Michael Key reprising the role for the first time since Key & Peele rolled credits on their final back in 2015.

Key & Peele’s Mr. Garvey spends a full minute terrorizing a cast of Paramount+ characters, including Dora The ExplorerBlue from Blue’s Cluesand Peppa Pigfrom an altitude of 11,099 feet at the precipice of Paramount mountain, the iconic avatar for the company dating back to 1914. The advertisement ends on a strong note, both reminding viewers of Paramount+’s NFL streaming, as well as performing a callback to the original sketch, by playing on the name of Los Angeles Rams’ defensive tackle AA-Ron Donald.

According to Deadline, Paramount+ is currently in the throes of an end-of-year subscriber push, and this synergistic advertisement should serve as a candid reminder of all the intellectual property that can be streamed exclusively on the platform before an expected boost in December when Paramount will secure the streaming rights to Top Gun: Maverick. These hit shows include Key & Peeleas well as a litany of Nickelodeon favorites and original programming such as Tulsa King and Yellowstone.

Keagan-Michael Key, who, despite Garvey’s claims of not being animated, plays the character with all the energy and vigor he had when first rolling onto the screen a decade ago, comprised one-half of the artistic duo Key & Peele. Jordan Peele has of course gone on to write and direct some of the most critically acclaimed horror films of the last few years, such as Boop and get-out as well as producing multiple hit shows and films under his production company, Monkeypaw Productions.

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This advertisement serves as one of many hilarious instances of a Key & Peele character venturing into the world outside of the show, such as Keagan-Michael Key’s performance as Luther, Barack Obama’s anger translator during the 2015 White House correspondents dinner. With all these signs of Key & Peele’s growing influence in the pop culture media landscape, perhaps it’s time to get the comedically inclined friends back together for another iconic installment. The two have yet to work together again since the end of their Comedy Central show but have remained close personal friends and supporters of one another for years, dating back to their first shared screen on MADTV in 2004.

Mr. Garvey from Key & Peele has long held the position as one of the most frequently referenced sketch comedy characters of all time, as anybody named Aaron can surely attest. It’s excellent to see a streaming service rely on getting real laughs from fresh, well-written, and well-performed comedy in their advertisements, rather than resorting to cheap gimmicks. We’ll happily stay tuned for more and hope to see some of our favorite characters come to life in other ways around the bend! For all pop culture and entertainment updates, be sure to follow Giant Freakin Robot!

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