As Candace Cameron Bure’s First GAF Movie Airs Amidst Controversy, Hallmark Actor Talks The Media Not Getting What She’s Really Like

As Candace Cameron Bure's First GAF Movie Airs Amidst Controversy, Hallmark Actor Talks The Media Not Getting What She's Really Like

Candace Cameron Bure generated some serious controversy when she shared comments on Great American Family’s current creative direction. The actress more specifically made headlines when she stated that the network would mainly focus on “traditional marriage” within its content and not highlight LGBTQ+ relationships and storylines. Since then, a number of actors have since come out in opposition to her point of view. However, there are also those who’ve come to her defense and, ahead of the premiere of Bure’s first GAF movie, Hallmark alum Paul Greene spoke out in support of her. In fact, Greene even argues that the media doesn’t understand what she’s really like.

Paul Greene starred on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart and appeared in a number of the channel’s original movies. So he’s quite familiar with Candace Cameron Bure, who left the network for GAF earlier this year. Like many people, Greene saw the comments that Bure made, and he doesn’t think they paint an accurate picture of who she is. He also claims that the Wall Street Journal, who Bure shared the statements with, left out “important parts of what she said”:

She is the most amazing person. I’ve said this about Lori Loughlin when things came up with her. They are my friends, and if they are going through whatever they are going through, I’m going to stand by them as their friends. From what I know about Candace, none of what they say in the media recently makes any sense or is true. They left out important parts of what she said [to The Wall Street Journal] and who she is. I know who she is. At her heart. Her friend and manager are apart of the LGBTQ community. She is amazing. She is loving to all people. Whatever she chooses to produce is her choice, and I don’t judge her for that.

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